Wednesday, 18 May 2016

facts about colours

Facts about colours
White gives a feeling of lightness and cool
Yellow  creates a joyful mood ,a feeling of warmth and lightness a sense of roominess and quickness the pulse and activates the brain ,but may excite an aggressive reaction .
Orange has an bracing effect and quickness the pulse thus creating the feeling of warmth .
Red is one of the warmest colour,it raises the spirits However its prolonged action causes tiredness and speed the pulse
Purple  uplifts and puts one in a mood giving a feeling of warmth .
violet makes one feel tired and heavy creating an illusion of tightness and bulkiness
Dark blue sets one’s mind at peace but induces sadness a room painted blue seems cold and congested
Green  makes one feel cool and calm ,reduces eye pressure and sharpens eyesight in general and normalizes blood pressure
Light blue makes the room seem cool causes  a feeling of  remoteness and has a calming effect
Black reduces vitality is depressing and creates a feeling of oppressive heaviness black planes look excessively big
Brown creates   a feeling of warmth stability and mental balance
Grey is a cold colour  evoking dullness  and apathy
Brown and Grey have a negative effect on the psyche provoking anxiety

Blue and White are a cooling and calming combination
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