Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Why do we say it

Why do we say it

Ring  A  ring A Roses

An old  English children’s rhyme “ring a ring a  roses “
In 1348 Great Britain was caught under the great plague A rash of  bright red spots appeared at the body of the infected
*pocket full of posies “
 It was believed that medicinal herbs kept in the pocket may be able to help fight plague .
The “Atishoo, Atishoo”
 was the cough that went with plague .
“The All fall down “
 was the collapse of the victim and death . Children play this with action as a
English ryhme and still it is taught in the school without knowledge of action

He is breaking up the wrong tree

Mistaken in one’s judgment
In old days in fight the raccoons takes a tree and remains in safty far up in the highest branches .
It was the hunting dog’s responsibility to remain at the foot of the tree and keep the raccoon a prisoner by barking continuously until his master arrives to take raccoon . Sometimes the dog makes a mistake in the excitement of the chase or in the failing light and when morning comes it is all too obvious the dog has been barking up the wrong tree

To eat humble pie

To apologize for one’s behavior

The  correct term is umble pie that is still made in some parts of Britain
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