Monday, 21 November 2016

whatsapp se

welcome to the 21 century
our phones wireless
cooking                fireless
cars                      keyless
food                      fatless
tyres                     tubeless
dress                     sleevless
youth                              jobless
leaders                  shamless
relations               meaningless
Attitude                careless
feeling                   heartless
education              valueless

mobile aya camera khatam
mobile aya wristwatch khatam
mobile aya radio khatam
mobile aya mp3 khatam
mobile aya calcutater khatam
mobile aya sakoon khatam
aur agar apke mobile apki biwi ke hath aya toh maa kasam aap katam
badalti dunia ka esa asarhamo

Once upon a time when window was just a square hole in a room and application was something written on a paper when key board was piano and mouse just an animal .when file was an important office material and hard drive just an uncomfortable road trip the cut was done with knife and paste with glue when web was a spider”s home and blackberry were just fruits . when we had a lot of time for friends and family.

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